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An initiative by Manish Mehta and Team. Leadership is a combination of strategy and character, and it’s an art to make a person do the work you want to do and it’s done as a system which is followed by all. In Union there is a strength and to cultivate a system in my network we as a team sat down together to form a club. Teamwork is a ability to work together for a common vision so it started with an idea to conduct catalog launches, monthly meets, Bps and L3.

Life is like a versatile athlete and training is all realms of life. So I believe training plays a major role to develop a person. So For transforming lives where we as a team come together​ and work for supporting each other by and these activities started regularly – 1) Training initiative 2) Beauty fair 3) Catlog launch 4) Fun days 5) Skin Care Academy 6) L3 7) Uncovering the leaders in you is a unique training course for over all development of a consultant. 8) OOM 9) Most important initiate by Tarash is conducting webinars.

message from the founder

As long as you are going to think my suggestion will be “Think Big”

if you want to do it than “Do it now”

I believe that it’s not about ideas it’s about “Making ideas happen”

Do IT or Do NoT ..There is no TRY


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