Fashion v/s Beauty

Fashion is what you are offered often and style is what you choose and Beauty lies in how you carry what you choose.
Over the years I have learned that Beauty of women is not decided only on what she is wearing but it’s a complete package of quality of skin, hair, confidence and how she carries herself.
We all are crazy about the latest trends and we admire celebrities and want to look exactly same in particular look and we buy the same dress. It’s our birthright to groom but at times we get upset when we don’t get a perfect look as we had thought and then we tell it’s not our cup of tea.
Have you ever thought the reason?
Fashion. and Beauty is always twin sisters.
In our day to life, we are so busy that we forget the basics to take care of skin, hair .etc.
We cannot look beautiful only by wearing a costly designer or branded dresses.

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