MLM companies in India

MLM companies in India

I am getting goose bumps when I hear these words direct selling,Network marketing, MLM companies, Networking,  MLM business, Lifestyle, Dream big , Earn big, Foreign trips, Cash awards , Business of generations, Royalty income,

Yes all these words are commonly used by all MLM companies . lf we talk about a few bunch of companies who initiated  this business in India Oriflame was the first company vto enter India before 22 years and after that  Avon.Amway.Tupperware, Herbalife etc came up in India .

If we talk about the turn over of this industry its 10000 crores according  to survey done last year Yes now  it’s a big industry .. There are lakhs of people in India associated who now bank up on this Industry .

Now there are few more companies in line .Competition is strong and now people are at times cinfucon on which company to select..

I will like to throw light on this area of selection .

If we are Keen to make our career in direct selling industry than we have to be specific on these points

1.Company background

2 Establishment of conpany and the past history

3 Products quality and standards

4 income plan

5 Success stories of leaders

6 Concrete plans of future

After this comes your goals

1 you want to be a promoter

2 You want to be a Creator

I have my own success story with Oriflame go through my website

.  This  topic is too vast and stay tunrt for my next blog post.


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