Better late than Never

about me

Punjabi at the core, based out of central suburbs in Mumbai.
Mother of two bright young kids, Wife to a loving and supportive husband and a proud daughter to equally supportive in-laws.


I believe that each housewife has the potentials to do something over and above their usual house chores and responsibilities. It took about a decade for me to realize my dream but as the saying goes ‘Better late than Never’


Being a Graduate in Textile Science, a part time office job would have been an easy option but I was more inclined towards something more challenging and something where I could be recognized as an achiever in my friends and family circle as well.


The obvious option was being a Businesswoman and do something more challenging and where I can make a difference.


I started my journey with learning how to make custom perfumes and it was successful as well. To the extent that I still process orders every month for friends and family members.


It took a while to realize that being a housewife, it is best to align with an established brand than to create a new brand. An established brand which is recognized my millions of households.


Oriflame product offerings and business model was fascinating and without much ado, I jumped the bandwagon.



To engage as many women into this business, educate them how they can be a successful businesswoman along with their present responsibilities. My peers tell me that I am good at explaining, which makes me believe that I can be a good trainer and train the enthusiasm of potential business women.


Furthermore, I can guide what is right and what is wrong, in other words be an effective Mentor. It has been a year at Oriflame and I am loving every moment.