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Direct selling is no more selling or Field work Unique Online Opportunity

Life journey

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” A famous line of an author.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a woman with big dreams in my open eyes, and working towards the goal of my life to be rich and famous. My life has been exactly the same of any mother on this planet who always aims for giving best upbringing to her children.

I always believed in giving quality time to my family so I chose to take transition of my profession from Pathologist to a Beauty consultant with Oriflame and eventually to an entrepreneur and now one amongst few Digital leaders working online to transform people’s lives.

In lifespan of 50 years of my life journey, Oriflame has played major role in these 21 years to give me a platform to grow myself from an ordinary to extraordinary lifestyle and giving me an access to evaluate myself to break all the barriers and set up such an opportunity where I can shape up people’s dreams in Tarash exactly what the name says (Tarash means to shape up and make a diamond from raw stone).

It took me a long time to come to this level but now I am going to be unstoppable.
Message for all mothers: “You can be a good mother and still follow your dreams… You totally can, if you believe”

The Opportunity – Overview

Discover the unlimited Income Opportunity without risk if losing money .and upgrade your lifestyle and travel world.
It’s really fun when we get all these only with our consistent actions. Burning desire to develop ourselves and supportive environment and regular Trainings helps a lot.


With Oriflame, it’s all about you


Look great make money and have fun


Company built on dreams


50 years of experience and inspiration

4 simple steps of Tarash Digital

Join Oriflame through Tarash


Join our team

(First Step)


Take our online trainings

(Very Important)


Divert your monthly expenses and shopping of 100 points

(Most required choice)


Convert 3 people minimum to join our team and support them to know about it

(They can be your personal contacts or even we help)

The Opportunity Details

  • Business Capital
  • You have a chance to earn in lakhs in less than 1 year. To Attend Conferences within INDIA and Out of India. Upgrade your lifestyle
  • Minimum investment
  • Computer or laptop and Smart phone
  • Internet and Calling card
  • Small funds to promote your business through online promotions and offline with help of Catalogs and Business card and fliers
  • To develop landing page as soon as you wish to be on top
  • Monthly spending on Oriflame products (100pts)
  • Time Investment to take all online trainings of our Network on Webinars and one on way as and when required
  • E learning and videos on Oriflame website also helps to know more
  • Willingness to learn Digital way of working
  • Complete Online Facilities
  • Why Tarash
  • We are amongst few leaders in India developing online
  • Proven system with results to develop fast network and make it successful

Learn New Ways of Working Online

Leave Old thinking of Hero Businessman and with your leadership skills you develop network and be successful.

MLM is about team work and making people Successfull.


There are Some Major Reasons

More People Do Business and Work From home!!

Additional Earnings

Primary Income

Flexible set working time

Saving the furture

It’s not and easy thing

Especially for you who are still working Office

Timeout for Office Meeting? Tired on the road? No capital?

With us, you can start building a business with all the limitations above!

Business with initial capital registration Rp. to generate millions of rupiah per month ??

Not many businesses are dedicated to you who want to be productive Making Money to help the family finances while still running the role as a father, husband, wife, mother, children, or even students who want their own income!

That’s right?
Not the impossible!
Have YOur Own Business with internet Utilization and by transferring some of your monthly spending on products sold!!

Read the Benefits of Joining!

  • Work from Home
  • Monthly Income will be progressive
  • By Following our step to step
  • After or before joining first Webinar you will attend is OOM
  • Getting Started Webinar to be attended after that
  • Series of digital Trainings
  • Know about Products
  • Digital way of working
  • Business Calculation
  • Become a leader
  • Follow our way of working in weekly basis.(email Follow up system and Calling and staying connected)
  • Make sure that your Downlines Attend the training and are Following the same system.
  • Online marketing with support of our trainings and support helps you to get new leads across country
  • And later on even abroad and helps you to achieve cash awards.bonuses.foreign program and financial freedom
  • Believe me it’s simple
  • Reasons to believe
  • I will give
  • Photos of demo and commomration
  • Testimonial
  • Photos and content



Foreign Trips and Conference




Transforming Lives


OOM catalogue launches and fun events


Trainings and meetings


Digital Training



Address : E917, Rock Enclave, opp. ICICI Bank, above SBI
Hindustan naka, Kandhivli (West), Mumabi:- 400067.
+91 9241321053