Team Members

Manisha Mehta


“As long as you are going to think my suggestion will be “think big”. If you want to do it than “do it now”. I believe that it’s not about ideas it’s about “making ideas happen”. Do it or do not. There is no try.”

Harshika Shah

Senior Gold Director, Co-Founder

“The world is going digital and Tarash has given us an opportunity to start doing our business online. A big thank you to Manisha Mehta for creating such a fantastic platform.”


Manager, Co-Founder

“Oriflame products are close to my heart. As a teenager to start with skin care my mom had given me pure skin range and I use to gift my friends all Oriflame products. Oriflame has given us a lifestyle which I use to dream of in my childhood. I have seen my mother struggling from scratch to grow and become an entrepreneur. When she had the idea to make her club Tarash. I was excited to be a part of it. I am a manager with Oriflame and interior designer so I have designed Tarash’s logo. I have given name to club so I am super happy to see it growing in leaps and bounds.”


Director, Co-Founder

“I have grown up in a family where Oriflame was my sibling In my childhood I have played with Oriflame catalogues and testers. Tarash is my baby. I have worked with my mom Manisha Mehta to establish it. We have conducted OOM Beauty fairs and catalogue launches. I had got a chance to attend the global conference in Stockholm where we had seen a vision to take Oriflame digital and joined Oriflame. I am Director with Oriflame and have supported all team members to go digital by conducting workshops. I am really excited and overwhelmed by the success of Tarash.”



Gold Director

“Tarash has given me a platform to develop myself and grow my network as well with the workshops and events which we conduct in Tarash. I am digital leader and looking forward to take Tarash digitally for my whole network.”



“Life is like a raw diamond, we need to shape and polish it till it shines! By qualifications, I am a CA but when I started my journey with Oriflame I was merely a home maker and today I am a proud director of Oriflame India. Oriflame gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Oriflame has taught me the best part of life which is ”a single finger has no power but five fingers can make a punch”. So create your vision, convert it into action & change your world. All the best.”



“Digital media always attract me and I am always curious to know how to work in digital media. One fine day I got the opportunity from my Sapphire Director Manisha Mehta to join Tarash. Digital success of her always inspired me, so I started my digital journey with Oriflame in a new way in Tarash. It’s an enjoyable experience to work as part of team Tarash. We work together and support each other. Now through Tarash, I introduce my web page and want to build a new era in my Oriflame business.”



“Oriflame has created an opportunity in my life to change my life from a chemical business to develop a business in cosmetics which was initiated by my daughter Manisha and wife Harshika Shah and have explored it to the fullest. When Tarash was being designed, I have seen all of them working hard to launch it so I am back stage support system, by all means, as in to book the hall and arrange sound system etc and handle the financial part.”