Women empowerment

Women empowering women..

It’s easy to understand and it demands great commitment .When I had  decided to choose this as my passion I had thought it’s so easy to motivate women and make them understand the importance of financial Independence.

But when I.came across the reality when I started the actual work it was not that easy.

Women in Indian society may be from middle class and they are from urban society are so resigned and cynical about the facts and thoughts that they really don’t want to take extra step towards themselves and their progress..It’s very clear in their minds that earning money is not my responsibility and infact it’s not their fault because neither the family environment nor the husband is so supportive to make it easier..

Women has time do many adjustment to keep themselves active in their own careers.

I am still very positive about my vision of women empowerment and to transform the surrounding and make women realize the importance of financial Independence.

I am grateful to Oriflame for providing me asscess  to give this opportunity to all women from any background..They can  use the products and give this opportunity to women around them .Grow while you achieve the same and make others grow

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